Arriving in Greenpoint

It was not the best start. I had to leave home a bit hastily and did not have the time to make sure everything is absolutely all right.
Sitting in the tram to the train station I suddenly had to shed a few tears. Why? I was on my way to make my dream come true. I felt stupid!
At the train station I found chaos. Most long distant trains were pretty much delayed, due to the flood in East Germany. On my platform an ICE was standing. Another ICE was announced behind it. Some minutes before departure my train to Duesseldorf Airport was rescheduled to another platform. It arrived in time at the new platform but the Train could not leave then, because other trains had priority. On the train, that was quite packed, I was sitting next to a group of youngsters on their way to „Malle“ (that‘s Maiorca). They were drinking beer at 9 o’clock in the morning and talked rubbish loudly. In spite oft the delay I arrived at the Airport in time. I had been informed by the airline I had to check in no later than three hours before departure. When I arrived, all Airberlin long distance counters were still closed. After a while two airline employees arrived, slowly prepared their computers and when I finally could check in, the scale showed 22.9 kg (!) and the woman asked me if I had realized that my flight would be delayed approximately three hours. I have no idea where I should have got the information from because it was not on the boards yet. But it was a fact and I had to spend the day at the airport more or less.
The first real good thing then was that the seat net to mine stayed empty. So I could even sleep a bit.
I got through Immigration without any Problems and found my way through the subway system to Greenpoint. A friendly young man carried my suitcase upstairs (no Elevator, no escalator) and when I entered the street I had to realize it was pouring (and still is). Thanks to my dear colleagues I had a good umbrella with me, but it was raining so heavily that I got pretty wet – and my luggage as well.

More about here tomorrow. I am terribly tired.

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7 Responses to Arriving in Greenpoint

  1. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Awwww! You poor thing. Sorry the first bit was so nerve frazzling for you. It can only get better! Can’t wait to read your next blog. Xoxo

  2. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    What a start! Well, doesn’t that already make a good story!
    You’ve experienced different kinds of travelling dramas and you got to know first hand what it feels like.
    Keep writing.

  3. Martin says:

    Being overwhelmed on a start like this and shedding tears is an incredibly noble Thing to do.

  4. Jean says:

    I just finished reading your blog from start to present and I am in awe of how much you know about New York. I grew up on Long Island where I spent most of my life and I don’t even have the knowledge that you’ve researched! I hope your experience is everything you’re expecting it to be and I will follow your progress.
    I now have retired to Florida and I love it. Maybe one day you will want to experience this area and we will finally meet. Best of luck…

  5. Seidenwölfin says:

    Not the best start, allright! (sorry, my english is pretty simple ), but:
    don´t be sad, I´m sure, your projekt will be good!
    Keep your ears ahead!

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