Last day at home

In 24 hours I will hopefully be in New York. Somewhere at JFK Airport probably, waiting for my suitcase or standing in line at immigration.

My last day was relaxed. I did a last bit of cleaning, a last bit of paperwork, wrote some emails. Then I took the tram to the city center to meet with a friend for a last lunch. Back home I packed my hand luggage and finished my suitcase to weigh it. And of course now with everything in it, that should be in it, it was overweight. One kg too much.
I took out my coat and all the scarves and squeezed them into the backpack. I went through my toiletries and removed the self tanning lotion and the hair wax. Decided not to need another handbag. Put my hairbrush into my bag. After those rearrangements I managed to get rid of one kg. But I am pretty sure that it will grow overnight.So tomorrow morning I will have to think about what I can leave at home…

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2 Responses to Last day at home

  1. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Exciting! Hey, there are stores in the big apple! Lol!

  2. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    So last farewells, last hugs and tears, emotions in spades!
    Have a save journey, dear Maria, and happy landing!
    One last time rearranging your suitcase….! Take care!
    Looking Forward to reading you. Keep writing!
    PS I’m doing an online creative writing course with Oxford University (10 weeks) and I’m enjoying it.

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