Farewell to those left behind

Three days left…

Last Tuesday I said Goodbye to my colleagues in the company. I had baked Brownies for a little get together. A lot of people came, asked me about my planned trip and wished me well. I got a huge greeting card they had signed for me and some nice little presents. What impressed me most however was a video presentation some of them had put together for me. Photos of New York City and quotations from famous New Yorkers, accompanied by the song “New York – New York”. They had borrowed a huge display screen from our marketing department to show it. I was really touched.

Saturday night I had invited my friends to a Farewell Party at home. I had converted my kitchen into a New York Deli. We had Hot Dogs with various toppings, Bagels with Lox, several sandwiches and salads and Cheesecake for dessert. I forgot to make photos because I was just too busy. 
A good friend and her husband (who runs an event company) had come all the way from Hamburg for the weekend. They were a great help organizing things I had forgotten to think about – like how to cool all the beverages – and helped me preparing the food.
My apartment had never seen so many people at a time. One friend even came in a wheelchair because of a broken foot. Another one came on crutches.

My friends and colleagues gave me the feeling that I will be missed here. That feels good and maybe will make it a little easier to say Goodbye to New York in December and go back home to Cologne.

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3 Responses to Farewell to those left behind

  1. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    Dear Maria
    I wish you all the best for your great adventure in NY. I’ll read your Blogs, (wish I was with you) and I’ll will especially think of you when I’m in Ernen.

    Take care!
    Love Kathrin

  2. Wishing you all the very best Maria. NY for 6 months sounds amazing. I look forward to reading your posts Lyn

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