Falling into the void

I successfully booked the brownstone in Crown Heights for my third month. Probably the most adventurous place so far.
So for now there is nothing more to plan! That’s a real challenge as well. What shall I do during those seven weeks I am still at home?
Of course there are things to be done.
I procured a travel health insurance today.
I have to complete my tax declaration.
I have to buy a new computer to take with me – well that’s a challenge because I don’t really know what I want. Ultrabook or netbook? Touchscreen or not? I loved my good old netbook that was a wonderful travel companion for years. But it got old and slow through the years. Is it fair to replace it at all?   
I have to get an idea about having a smartphone without a 2-year plan.
I have to set up a guest list and a menu for my farewell party.
I have to make financial arrangements.
But none of these has to do with New York directly. I am carrying my New York City map and my subway map with me all the time – but there’s nothing to find out about. Isn’t that cruel?


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2 Responses to Falling into the void

  1. Martin says:

    Now, with less than two weeks ahead we see how quickly the 7-weeks-void imploded into nothingness. This is obviously a matter of relativity: with your clock moving on slowly, while for those, who will miss you time is running out fast. And it is probably the irony of relativity that, when you are gone your time is running fast, while for those, who miss you time seems to stand still.

  2. mmoenius says:

    You can say things so lovely!

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