Being saved

I haven’t written for a while, at least no posts for this blog. Instead I wrote tons of e-mails to possible hosts. It was absolutely frustrating. Why can’t people who offer a room keep there calenders up to date and answer requests?

I started thinking about what was wrong. I deleted my age from my profile. Am I too old for being a good roommate? I asked friends to write a reference for me and received two wonderful ones. I went through my standard e-mail text – that I customized according to the particular offer – with a friend who is a text artist and changed it. Then, last thursday, I sent another six requests to six possible hostesses – and got two positive replies very quickly and a negative one some days later. Now as I really had started to be concerned about not finding a nice and convenient place to stay I suddenly could choose between two!

Two very different places.
A brownstone in Crown Heights in a colourful and promising area, subway and lots of eating places just around the corner. Small but very nice room and a Caribbean hostess with very positive reviews.
The other a huge loft with stylish vintage interior above a still working factory in Greenpoint with a young couple as hosts – without any reviews so far. The room offered has two levels and there is a wonderful roof deck. Subway is a bit of a walk but the East River is close by and Long Island City is steps away, just beyond Pulaski bridge.

I chose the Greenpoint loft and hope to be welcomed at the Crown Heights brownstone during my third month.
It is a wonderful feeling to be quite sure not having to sleep below Brooklyn Bridge…

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