Decisions made

It’s still unbelievable to me. I just booked my flights. That means I successfully made several decisions. I admit I had some help from faithful and patient friends.

Sunday morning a friend told me that it would be a no go to miss the last session of my writing class and that I should definitely not miss at least a bit of pre-Christmas time in New York. So I stopped thinking about winter clothes and fixed the first possible return date making sure to finish the class. Then I calculated 180 days back to get the first possible starting date. A stay of 180 days is what’s usually allowed to B-visa holders – even if it’s not reliable. Then I looked for available flights.

Looking for flights required more decisions. What airline? Which airport? The alternatives made this decision quite easy however. I could choose between cheap flights to JFK and not so cheap flights with more comfortable seating to Newark. I never flew to Newark and as far as I know it’s much easier to get to wherever I will stay from JFK by public transport. So I chose Airberlin to JFK again – although after my last visit I had stated ‘never again…’

Today I had lunch with a good friend and showed him my colourful spreadsheet of possible flight dates and fares. He more or less chose the flights for me and I have no idea what criteria he used. But I didn’t think about it any more and just followed his suggestion. It’s much easier to accept a suggestion than to decide among a variety of alternatives.
So now I will leave for New York Thursday, June 13th and return Sunday. December 8th. Hurrah!

But more decisions will come up…

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2 Responses to Decisions made

  1. Eva Ellendorff says:

    Ich bin sehr stolz auf Dich, liebe Maria!

    Und wie gut, dass Du auf „Maria Empfängnis“ zurück kommst! J (Meine Nonneninternatszeit kann ich nicht verleugnen)

    Alles Liebe


  2. Martin Vollmer says:

    Wonderful. You´ve done it. And it´s good to have friends, anyway.

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