The Trouble of Making Decisions

Planning a six months’ trip requires decisions. Making decisions however is one thing I’m definitely not good at. I should book a flight soon. The later I book, the more I will pay. But before I can book a flight I need to fix the exact period of my stay in New York.

When I started planning this seemed very easy. My sabbatical is scheduled from June to November. I can use vacation days however to make it a bit more flexible. The last event  I didn’t want to miss in New York is Thanksgiving Day. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, 28th this year. So it was convenient to start June 1st and return November 30th. Plus/minus a day or two, depending on flight availability and air fares.

Part of my New York project is attending two 10-week writing classes at Gotham Writers’ Workshop. I somehow assumed that these classes start all year round and it would be no problem to fit 20 weeks of classes into a 26-weeks’ stay. Now I had to realize that classes start four times a year only – in January, April, July and October. So I can take the first class starting in July and the second one in October. But the latter one will not be finished by end of November. So somehow a change of plan is required.  But change what? I could forego the second class. But didn’t I intend to become a writer? Didn’t I want something to do in New York and not just be a tourist?  I could skip the last one or two weeks of the second class. But then I would miss a possible farewell event, where students have a drink and exchange email addresses or phone numbers. If I wouldn’t be there I would just be forgotten.
Or I could reschedule the period.

Starting and returning two weeks later would be possible but would bring me further into winter. I would need clothes not only for summer and fall but for winter as well. Winters tend to be cold in New York. Warm sweaters, a coat, boots and stuff would have to find their way into my limited luggage – or I would have to buy them. On the other hand I would have the chance to catch a bit of New York’s famous Christmas atmosphere.

I sent an email to Gotham to find out when October classes will start. They told me that fall classes will be scheduled in July but usually they start end of September, beginning of October. That doesn’t really make it easier! Assuming classes start the first week of October they would end the first week of December. So postponing my stay for one week into December might do. But why not two weeks then, when winter clothes will be needed anyway?

So what the hell shall I do? Let air fares decide?

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One Response to The Trouble of Making Decisions

  1. Martin Vollmer says:

    Oh Maria. Stuck in the decision making process? Do not let the air fares decide. Or, as Yogi Berra great New York Yankee baseball player and manager would say, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

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