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Brooklyn Neighborhoods

A praise to Brooklyn! I first came to Brooklyn on Christmas Eve 1974 when German TV showed “A Tree grows in Brooklyn”. I was a little girl then and didn’t really understand what the movie was about but I liked … Continue reading

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Manhattan Neighborhoods

Manhattan hat lots of interesting and very diverse neighborhoods and I walked through most of them. Touristic ones like Midtown or the Financial District, trendy ones like Greenwich Village or Soho, unknown ones like Washington Heights, historic ones like the Lower … Continue reading

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About Neighborhoods

A lot of people ask me, if I booked an accommodation yet and where I will stay. Well, my project is staying in six different neighborhoods and I will not stay in hotels. For getting an insight into New York … Continue reading

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Decisions made

It’s still unbelievable to me. I just booked my flights. That means I successfully made several decisions. I admit I had some help from faithful and patient friends. Sunday morning a friend told me that it would be a no go to miss the last … Continue reading

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The Trouble of Making Decisions

Planning a six months’ trip requires decisions. Making decisions however is one thing I’m definitely not good at. I should book a flight soon. The later I book, the more I will pay. But before I can book a flight … Continue reading

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